Issuereporter for Firefox

Small Firefox addon to report errors to an html file for debugging or submitting issues to developer.


the main features are:
  • log all errors to a html file for reporting to a developer or debugging
  • gets also messages which are send before the addon starts, if they quite exists in the console
  • lose no line of error and warning when developing
  • the html file can be viewed in every browser (example)

Step by step

This addon will save the error console of Firefox to a html file to your download folder. Please check the files for your privacy before submitting any where. The following explanation tells how to install and generate the log - it is easy and fast.

Step 1: Download the addon

Install addon from safely

Step 2: Setup the envoirement

To avoid logging too much messages, disable addons which might not produce the problem. You can also close all tabs with web content if you do not like to debug (for some reasons you might need). If you don't like to log the existing messages in console just Clear the console.

Step 3: Init the addon

You will find this button Icon in toolbar to start logging on your toolbar. You can click them to start logging or choose a more detailed option by the arrow. The icon will change for recording: Icon in toolbar to stop logging. If you have no button, just add them by right clicking the toolbar -> customize and drag and drop the button the navigation bar. If it won't work you can also open the addon manager in firefox via the Firefox button in the corner and choose Addons. There is the new addon Report issues and bugs. Click on options.

Step 3a: Immeaditly start logging

You should see a button Logging is disabled. Click to start. Press them to start logging at once. All old messages in the console will be also logged. Check your default download directory, where you find a html file with the name like: 2013-04-20T14-45.html.

Step 3b: Start logging after reboot

You should see a button Logging is disabled. Click to start. Ignore this one. Use the button with label Click to log at next reboot. Next you restart or fully close firefox it will began to log the messages even at the beginning of very first routines of firefox. Check your default download directory, where you find a html file with the name like: 2013-04-20T14-45.html. The file is created once per session. Too debug at next reboot also you have to click the button once more.

Step 3c: Always logging (not recommended)

For debugging addon I mentioned that some error messages getting lost in firefox at startup. So you can use the permanent mode to log. To enable this set firefox pref to true. It is not recommended because it will create a lot of files and load.


The development needs a lot of work and I wasted a lot of days in this addon. If you like to thank in any way contact me or donate.


I am happy if I can get feedback or errors from you. It is helpful if you provide much informations as possible:
  • provide the system you are using
  • the version of Firefox or the version of Zotero Standalone
  • addon version you are using
  • log of the console: When something does not work like excepted enable the option of logging message to console, You can open the console in Firefox with Strg + Shift + J. Be sure that not only errors are visible and maybe you have to clean the console before you start your action with problems. After that you can select the entrys in console and copy with rightclick
  • screenshot or hints to reproduce
  • Maybe you do not need all this data - just send with a description to the team.

    Future versions

    0.5 planned
    • Firebugs message export

    0.4 planned
    • After stopping recording once, elem is not found


    released 23.06.13

    Did some improvements suggested by the mozilla review process
    • Starting undefined
    • toolbar button is too large in small icon mode
    ~90 min worked


    released 31.05.13

    Did some improvements suggested by the mozilla review process
    • Better managment of windows
    • Linux support extended
    • Now using Javascript code modules
    ~675 min worked


    released 19.05.13

    • Date converting prevented usage on Unix systems
    • Easy restart of firefox by new menu item of toolbar
    ~90 min worked


    released 14.05.13

    • Compatibility: GetMessageArray
    • Compatibility: Interface deprecated
    • Code cleanness improved: Component shortcuts
    ~60 min worked


    released 04.05.13

    Toolbar and stability improvements
    • Filter error types: CSS / javascript / chrome /specifiv
    • Buttons for fast access stop/start/pause and start after reboot
    • UI: Options not enough space in some systems
    • After problem during execution heavy to restart the addon
    • Enhance informations of text-only messages
    • Preview of buttons are not available
    • CSS styling of table to be improved
    ~905 min worked


    released 20.04.13

    Initial Version

      • firefox,
      • bugs,
      • report,
      • addon,
      • log,
      • logfile,
      • html,
      • dump
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